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Tracciato facilissimo, adatto a tutta la famiglia, bambini compresi. Piani Di Bobbio Ski resort 35 km di piste-Snowpark-Pista da Fondo in inverno. Level of difficulty: excursionist (children +6 years), Journey time: 3 hours and 30 minutes/4 hours, Crossing trail from Piani di Bobbio to Artavaggio along Vallore dei Megoffi, Passing through Bocchetta dei Mughi to reach Rifugio Cazzaniga at Piani di Artavaggio, Level of difficulty: easy ring trail for everyone, Explora S.c.p.a. Press alt + / to open this menu. Sociale 500.000 € i.v.| P.IVA 08344310969 • InLOMBARDIA • Copyright 2020 • All rights reserved, to manage your profile, your preferences and your stored contents, to upload your tourist offers and discover B2B opportunities, The Snow Bus and the Mountain Bus to connect Milan to Valsassina, Troggia is a torrent that flows out ofLake Sasso. The crossing trail from Piani di Bobbio and Artavaggio follows the Sentiero degli Stradini n. 30. 0341.996101 info@pianidibobbio.com www.pianidibobbio.com All in 4 museums, housed in the eighteenth-century Palazzo Belgiojoso of Lecco, Three suggestions to wander around the lake. Trekking around Piani di Bobbio Discover Valsassina and Lake Como Mountains: itineraries for families, in 10 minutes from Lecco and in less than an hour from Milan. You always keep with you water and wear appropriate shoes for trekking. Scopri i percorsi trekking. Ring trail across the amphitheatre of Gruppo dei Campelli and Corno Grande (Big Horn) in the Vallone dei Megoffi, Level of difficulty: easy trail for everyone. Ring trail crossing the moutain huts and Cima di Piazzo, with panoramic view above Gruppo dei Campelli and Orobie. We suggest using always clothes and shoes suitable for mountain activities. Deviation to the summit of Zuccone Campeli and get back down and follow again the trail n. 101. Log In. Piani di Bobbio (LC) Piani di Bobbio is reachable by the cable car from Barzio, in 10 minutes from Lecco and in less than an hour from Milan. This route is a panoramic trail, somewhere with chains; for this reason, it is suggested to adults and kids with experience of outdoor activities in the mountains.  • Cap. See more of Piani di Bobbio on Facebook. Ring trail in the dolomitic scenery of Campelli, with a stop at the mountain hut to see stuffed animals. The territorial characteristics make perfect this destination for excursions, outdoor activities and trekking for families and kids. The excursions are at 1800-2000 m above sea level. The Museum is located in Mandello del Lario in the historic factory that, in 1921, saw the birth of the myth of 'L'Aquila', The territorial characteristics make perfect this destination for. Here below some suggestions and information for excursions at Piani di Bobbio. or. Piani di Bobbio gets the name from Bobbio, in the province of Piacenza; Piani di Bobbio was the alpine pastures of an important abbey in Piacenza, from which they get the name. Una passeggiata adatta a tutta la famiglia, bambini inclusi:-)... Jump to. Panoramic and suggestive excursion around Gruppo dei Campelli. Viganò (Barzio) Category Travel & Events; Level of difficulty: high-level, for adults. Starting from Piani di Artavaggio to reach Rifugio Cazzaniga and continue along the trail n. 101. Accessibility Help. At the end of the excursion, there is the free shuttle to Artavaggio locality. Acquate and Olate are the districts in which Lucia’s traditional and alleged house is. - Martino Sport (Piani di Bobbio): www.martinosport.it - Punto Media (Introbio): www.puntomediaweb.net - Amministrazioni Condominiali Dott. A wide ski area in Valsassina to enjoy skiing at the foot of the highest peak of the eastern Pre-Alps Orobie. The name “Piani” is a typical term used in the valley, to distinguish a flat area in high altitude in the mountains. Natural sciences, archeology, history, astronomy. The trail follows the equipped route Sentiero degli Stradini. L’area intorno allo Stella è perfetta per attività all’aria aperta, come escursioni e trekking, anche per famiglie e bambini. Trekking: passeggiata dai Piani di Bobbio al Rifugio Lecco. Facebook. Pian delle Betulle in Valsassina offers many ski slopes and great excursions enjoying the magic snow atmosphere. Sections of this page. It follows a panoramic itinerary, with amazing views above Grigna, Lecco Mountains and Orobie. Trekking: passeggiata al rifugio Sora-Casari per vedere l'Orso Bianco! High-level itinerary, perfect for adults and kids with a minimum experience in outdoor activities in the mountains. Crossing trail from Piani di Bobbio to Artavaggio. • Via Fabio Filzi 22, Milano 20124 Tel: +39 02 7262841 Pec: explora@legalmail.it Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? from LakeComo.is. Sign Up. Piani di Bobbio is reachable by the cable car from Barzio, in 10 minutes from Lecco and in less than an hour from Milan. Where. Passing the Bocchetta dei Mughi and arriving at Piani di Bobbio. Create New Account. Trekking-freeride-parco avventura e relax in estate. Today villa Manzoni (Lecco) houses both a museum, where visitors can admire manuscripts belonging to the writer, and an art gallery. Gruppo dei Campelli and Bocchetta dei Mughi. add to favorites. share. The mountain Resegone with its unforgettable profile as a saw is silhouetted against Lecco and all Brianza. The Northern Grigna Regional Park between Lake Como and Valsassina means nature, art and culture.

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