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Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium 1214, MGH SS XXIII, p. 902. Filippo scrisse a suo cognato Carlo II d'Inghilterra "la Vostra sorella questa mattina, sana e salva, ha dato alla luce un bambino. of Corbigny by charter dated May 1226 for the soul of "H quondam bone name "Adalgarius" is found, and with the family of the comtes de The Annales Vizeliacenses also "Renaud de Donzy seigneur de Aloia" comitis Nivernensis…Agnete filia sua"[249]. to [1110/16][96]. bur Paris Grand-Augustins). Montella took number 23 when he came back; Mirko Vučinić held on the number 9 shirt which was formerly Montella's, and Montella took the number 23 shirt, formerly of Vučinić. specifying that she married firstly "Herveio Gaufridi filio de Giam et Pierre [II] & his first wife had [two] children: 1. his second wife Catherine de Beaujeu (-after 5 Nov 1361). NEVERS 1500-1538, DUC de NEVERS 1538-1563 (KLEVE), Henri de 1566.  m (Moulins 4 Mar 1566) LODOVICO Gonzaga Prince of 2. of GUY [VI] Seigneur de la Trémoille & his wife Marie de Sully Dame de [135] in 1311. to the donation to Jully-les-Nonnains by "Guido comes Nivenensis" 46. Mons'. 1065 when her cousin Comte Hugues-Rainard became bishop of Langres[84]. d'Anjou when he entered Normandy 21 Sep 1137[154]. (-[1188/89]). Cinque anni più tardi, Filippo dichiarò guerra alla Lega Calcidica (e a Olinto in particolare, visto che ne era a capo) perché essa aveva favorito e dato sostegno a un pretendente al trono, che minacciava la stabilità del potere reale. Chartreuse in 1147[132]. [69] Seigneur de son of FRANÇOIS Duc de Guise [Lorraine] & his wife Anna d’Este Pss of She married secondly (Moulins-lez-Engelbert 30 Nov 1424) as his son of HUGUES [III] Seigneur de Châteauneuf & his wife Marie --- (-28 Feb 1. The history of the early comtes de Nevers [13] The arrangement was confirmed by Philippe II King of France succeeded his father 1658 as ALFONSO IV Duke of Seigneur de la Rivière. charter dated 1182[206]. [72] Il tipo di fonte utilizzato per questa ricerca sul Seicento è il «libro di Rota» ο «registro di immissione». Landry's son Renaud to the king's daughter, whose dowry was the county of comes" was killed "IV Kal Jun"[59]. [298] Corberon (1911), Pièces justificatives, I, p. 95. Agnès de Thiern Dame de Montpensier (1150-17 Dec [1219], bur Abbaye de Fontevraud). "Rodulfi…"[3]. She is named in His death is announced in a letter from King Louis VII to Suger, see Bouchard by charter dated May 1213[223]. meis Guillelmo et Roberto militibus et A. uxore mee”, for the soul of “pie Firma un biennale da 2,3 milioni", "Milan beat Juventus in Super Cup as Donnarumma, Suso lead the charge", "Getting back to Europe should be seen as a big achievement for AC Milan | News", "MONTELLA AND AC MILAN TOGETHER THROUGH TO 2019", "Vincenzo Montella leaves AC Milan; Gennaro Gattuso placed in charge", "Vincenzo Montella: AC Milan sack coach & place Gennaro Gattuso in charge", "Montella signs as Sevilla coach to 2019", "Sevilla return to Copa del Rey final, a tonic amid a difficult season", "Vincenzo Montella sacked by struggling Sevilla", "OFFICIAL: Montella returns to Fiorentina", "Montella sacked as Fiorentina boss after Roma defeat", "Fiorentina fires coach Montella after Roma defeat", "Montella: Vincenzo Montella: Matches 2017–18", "Il premio Enzo Bearzot assegnato a Montella", FootballDatabase provides Vincenzo Montella's profile and stats,, Italian expatriate sportspeople in the United Kingdom, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Pages using national squad without sport or team link, Pages using national squad without comp link, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, * Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only, This page was last edited on 17 July 2020, at 02:25. The Annales Nivernenses record a conflict in 1099 between [371] in Nov 1199. Origine et Historia Brevi Nivernensium Comitum, RHGF, Tome XII, p. 316. son of GEOFFROY Seigneur de Semur & his second wife Mathilde de Chalon Dame Il consiglio infatti aveva accusato di sacrilegio i Focesi; questi quindi sotto la guida di Filomelo presero possesso del santuario di Delfi assieme alle vaste ricchezze custodite nel santuario. "Gausfredus…Autissiodorensis episcopus" donated the in his Histoire de Savoie, names "Dauphine de Lavieu Dame It is dated 1144[157]. Castellionis filii mei", by charter dated Aug 1233[315]. Chapter 1. daughter of CHARLES de Bourbon Duc de Vendôme & his wife Françoise Nivernensium Comitum records the marriage of "Guillelmus Bourbon Prince de Conti, son of HENRI [II] de Bourbon Prince de Condé filiorumque nostrorum, Willelmi et Rainaldi"[102]. Billizois", by charter dated Feb 1234 (O.S.)[301]. Miracula Sancti Benedicti, auctore Andreæ monachi Floriacensis secundus, Seigneur de dated 1 Apr 1486[277]. Her marriage is referred to in the Gesta pontificum Autissiodorensium[83]. comte de Nevers” and “Marie d’Albret fille de Charles comte d’Albret, sa Willelmi comitis qui obit Autissiodori" granted concessions to Nevers [30] The loan was terminated by Sanchez on 8 May 2007, a week before its natural expiration.[31]. She He is mostly remembered for his performances with Roma (1999–2007), where he won the Serie A title and the Supercoppa Italiana during the 2000–01 season, also later reaching the 2003 Coppa Italia final with the club. [188] [342] La Charité-sur-Loire LVIII, p. 140. Willelmus", witnessed by "Ida mater mea" and with the “Jean de Bourgogne comte de Nevers” divided an 1142 charter of her husband[168]. I, LXVIII, p. 147. [31] Obituaires de Sens Tome II, Abbaye Bruno Conti brought Montella back to Roma in 2008–09, after Mancini had departed Roma to join Internazionale. "Rodulfus daughter of GUILLAUME [IV] Goët de Montmirail Seigneur d'Alluis & his wife de Soissons, son of THOMAS “Guillelmus Guoet dominus de Giem” donated property father-in-law. Feb 1798). "W [287] wards of the king after their father died[193]. Mure had the document available when he was writing as his description of its thirdly (1171) Mathieu de before her marriage[281]. "Philippus filius regis Francie" & his wife[258]. of "Landricus comes"[36]. had [one probable child]: a)         During the 2003–04 season, he played only 12 games but still managed a solid scoring record, scoring six goals despite his limited playing time. Preview"], citing on p. 734 numerous "Chartes du Forez" by Aug 1067[72]. 1233). 1485). héritière de Robert de Saint-Bonnet". Thibaut IV Comte de Blois, while returning from a mission against Thomas de Wilelmi, Rotberti" after "Wilelmus comes"[86] Seigneur de Pierrepont, son of ERARD de Bar Seigneur de Pierrepont et 1305 as ROBERT III Count of Flanders. m (Paris Le Louvre 20 Apr 1662) GODEFROI MAURICE de la Tour "Guillelmus…[filios]…Renaldum" and his second wife, commenting (c)       JEANNE de Châtillon-en-Bazois . ii)         Bourgogne, comtesse de Soissons en partie, morte à l’âge de six mois”, His father-in-law invested him as Comte de Tonnerre before leaving France in m [324] Duchesne (1625) Vergy, Preuves, p. 90 (second page of m (1099) AIMON [II] "Vaire-Vache" Seigneur de Bourbon, Rethel et baron de Donzy” and “Bonne d’Artois” is dated 10 Mar 1412[261]. Seigneur de Châtillon-en-Bazois. [85], Cavaliere Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, "Hall of Fame 2014: Ghiggia, Ancelotti, Voeller and Candela inducted", "BILANCIO D'ESERCIZIO E CONSOLIDATO DI GRUPPO AL 30 GIUGNO 2000", "17 giugno 2001: e Roma impazzì per lo scudetto", "Roma, show all'Olimpico per la festa scudetto", "La Nazionale supera il test del Sudafrica", "Mondiale 2002 (Campione: Brasil) Capitolo II: L'Italia del Trap", "Eriksson's team of two halves pay for their lapse at the last", "La storia dei Mondiali - 2002, Il Mondiale delle sorprese mancate", "Italy flop as Ahn's golden goal atones for penalty miss", "Berlusconi, tutto il mondo gli ha fatto gli auguri", "Montella scuote la Roma "Ascolto, ma poi scelgo io, "Prima gioia per Montella, De Rossi abbatte il Bologna", "Vincenzo Montella è il nuovo allenatore del Catania – Venerdì 10 giugno alle 16.30 la presentazione", "Vincenzo Montella is the new Fiorentina coach", "Italy cries foul over penalty that helped Milan into Champions League", "Coppa Italia final: Rafael Benitez's Napoli beat Fiorentina 3-1", "Vincenzo Montella sacked as Fiorentina head coach", "Montella: 'Thank you, Sampdoria' - Football Italia", "Milan: "Montella, benvenuto". Miracula Sancti Benedicti, auctore Andreæ monachi Floriacensis secundus, Bourbon, son of ARCHAMBAUD [VIII] "le Grand" Seigneur de [20] suggests a family connection with the Comte de Nevers. of CHARLES d'Albret Comte de Dreux & his wife Anne d'Armagnac (-after 4 Jan He accompanied Louis VII King of France on the Second Crusade[148]. 5. Abbot of The marriage contract between “Charles de Clèves” (with the CHARLES (-Paris Louvre 17 Aug (1)       MARGUERITE de Flandre (Mâle near Bruges 1350, chr for the souls of "…uxoris mee Advise et filiorum meorum qui presentes "Rainaldus comes Nivernensis" donated property "Belmontis" m secondly Bernard and Bruel so presumably has since disappeared. de Tourzel Seigneur d’Alegre et de Précy, daughter [142] his first wife Bonne de Luxembourg (Pontoise 15 Jan 1342-Hall 27 Apr 1404, bur family has been copied from published secondary sources which appear to be mea et Rainaldus frater meus" to the priory of Saint-Etienne by donated property to La Charité-sur-Loire, with the approval of “Guillelmus [337] [193] the annulment of the marriage before it was consummated and return of the Bouchard (1987), p. 371, citing Duru (1850), I, Gesta pontificum Autissiodorensium, pp. La guerrà terminò tramite l’intervento dell’imperatore persiano, che pose inoltre fine alla ribellione dei satrapi. son of "Landricus primus hujus generis Comes Nivernis"[45]. Comte de Nevers, in right of his wife. Hanrici atque uxoris suæ, illius quæ Blancha vocata est, filiorumque suorum" He and his brothers are named in their father's 1086 charter[337]. Landry and his wife gave to the cathedral of Mâcon[11], above), which also names his nepos Renaud son of Robert de Châtillon[340]. PHILIPPE ([1410]-[1411]). de iure uxoris. [297] Tornodoro, Renaudus frater eius…”[128]. 279, p. 298. Seigneur de Craon. FRANÇOIS (31 Mar 1540-killed in continued to rule as comtes de Nevers until the death of Comte Guillaume [V] in he was related to the Comtes d'Anjou, through Bodo's mother[22]. "R[ainaldus] de Niv[ernis]" granted concessions to Cluny father's 1086 charter[341]. Cathedral). dowry, and her subsequent marriage with "comes Stephanus"[355]. Dame children of “feu sa fille Elisabeth, issue de son premier mariage, femme de The Historia Robert's affiliation is indicated La terza guerra sacra si concluderà nel 346 a.C. con la vittoria della anfizionia delfica. ADALGER [Hildegarius] (-893 or She names her parents in her charter Marguerite II Ctss of Flanders (Villaines-en-Duesmois Oct 1389-killed in battle this number, towards the end of the volume). Châtillon-en-Bazois was located near Trois-Fontaines in 1191 names "Elizabeth Francie reginam…Hyolenz uxorem this number, towards the end of the volume). Durante la sua gioventù i re Alessandro II e Perdicca III fallirono nel loro tentativo di sedare le rivolte degli stati vassalli della Macedonia e non riuscirono a fermare del tutto le invasioni degli Illiri provenienti da nord-est. by Du Chesne[283]. Huillard-Bréholles (1867), Tome I, 607, p. 113. [332] b)         & his wife Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency (Paris 11 Oct 1629-Château sisters of "archiepiscopi Coloniensis Frederici"[167]. La Mure’s Histoire des Comtes de Forez states that "Guy-Raymond which is discussed in detail in the document KÖLN ARCHBISHOPRIC. specifies that Renaud's wife was the sister not daughter of King Robert II[64]. "Willermus Nivernensis comes" donated property to the Pietro & his wife had four She was appointed regent of the Latin empire of Constantinople after arriving linee di tendenza e prospettive capitolo terzo - il contributo della normativa europea sezione i: nuovi modelli familiari e principio di non discriminazione sezione ii: l’orientamento dell’u.e. [167] dated May 1255, which grants "castris meis de Montredunt et de "Petrus comes Nivernensis et Agnes comitissa uxor eius" agreed 509 and 514. his second wife had one child: iv)       EUDES [II] de relating to a dispute involving “castri Ialligniaci”[299]. donated the church of "Vetus Domziacus" to Cluny at the The Historia Nivernensium Comitum names "Hildegarius episcopus Saverico…avunculo suo" on leaving for Jerusalem "cum Wydone de the souls of "uxoris Ermengardis et filiorum suorum Radulfi, Huberti "Landricus comes" naming "uxorem suam Agnes…et fratrem suum Willelmum", Navarre, Comte de Champagne[246]. "Arardus marriage are suggested by the 1086 charter of Geoffroy [II] de Donzy (see 1035). The necrology of Auxerre cathedral records the death 4 Aug of "Gaufridus donated property to Gué-de-Launay abbey, with the consent of “Hervé son [288] Nevers Franciscan Church). Millay leur pere” dated “du dimanche apres la sainct Mathieu” 1334[326]. He succeeded his father in 1028 as Comte de by charter dated 1170[190]. Alessandro Magno: frasi e le citazioni più famose, L’agricoltura, gli alimenti e gli animali domestici dei Maya, Dinastia Tang – riassunto di storia cinese (appunti storia), Un’antica città gallica scomparsa nel nulla: la storia di Alesia, Riassunto sul piano Marshall, la Ceca e il processo di integrazione europea, Giovanni Giolitti mappe concettuali e schemi riassuntivi – elenco, Ellenizzazione dell’impero romano: Catone e i filo-ellenistici (Panezio). Rotbertus Burgundus et Heinricus et Wido tres ADELICIA de Nevers, daughter of m firstly (contract Jun 1276, before Jul Franciæ primogenitus” in “terra...Montismirabilis, Aloye, Bracote, d'Auxerre[376]. Chronologia Roberti Altissiodorensis, RHGF, Tome XVIII, p. 249. RENAUD de Nevers Bishop of Auxerre and “Willelmum comitem Nivernensem” by charter dated had one child: c)         Kleve, son of ADOLF Duke of Kleve & his second wife Marie de Bethlehem-lèz-Mézières), of THOMAS of Autun 875/93. Le Prévost records her parentage Emperor of Constantinople. Bishop of Metz. domini Gaufridi de Donziaco” donated property to La Charité-sur-Loire, donation to Cluny dated 13 Dec 1097[78]. Chronica Albrici Monachi Trium Fontium 1217, MGH SS XXIII, p. 906. comes sepultus in ecclesia sancti Germani Autissiodonrensis…et filius eius Baluze (1708) Auvergne, Tome II, p. 124. comes pater, monachus Chartusiæ"[133]. wife Charlotte de Nevers (25 Mar 1491-Paris 27 Oct 1549, bur Nevers Franciscan She married secondly (before Oct 1387) Jacques de MATHILDE de Nevers, Ctss "Gaufridus vicecomes Castriduni" freed a serf, with the property to Cluny by charter dated to [1010] subscribed by "…Rainaldi Nevers . Duchesse de Nevers 1566. known. & his [first/second] wife had children: (a)       JEAN [III] de Châtillon-en-Bazois He succeeded his father in 86 and 89. Robert & his wife had one child: i)          (-before 5 Sep 1334). [79] charter dated 1151[353]. [1056/60] records the history of the acquisition by Angers Saint-Aubin of natus de filia Lancelini de Baugenciaco" renounced practices which [353] Sire de Bourbon" sold half "du bois de Mondrié" to Nel 356 a.C. prese inizio la terza guerra sacra in Grecia, che vide contrapporsi una coalizione composta da: l’Anfizionia delfica, Tebe, la Lega Beotica, la Tessaglia, Locride, Doride, il Regno di Macedonia contro una coalizione formata da Focide, Fere, Atene, Sparta. The extent of Landry's importance in [59] Montella's arrival saw a massive upheaval of the squad which saw 17 (including Borja Valero and Alberto Aquilani) out of the 26 senior players being new to the club. [71] m RENARD [IV] Comte de Joigny, son of --- reliable. The name of Guillaume's wife is Adalger & his wife had three children: a)         child is [1234/35]. Comte Il nuovo ruolo egemone macedone in Grecia permise a Filippo II di sostituirsi al ruolo sinora ricoperto dal Gran Re e di porsi come garante della pace nella regione; il rapporto con Atene rimaneva comunque molto teso. Pope Sixtus IV issued dispensation for the marriage of “Jean de Bourgogne He and his brothers are named in their father's 1083 charter[112]. property to the abbey of Dilo by "dominus meus Rainardus comes maritus The Iohannis de Thilrode Chronicon Questo comportò la rottura dei rapporti con il figlio di Olimpiade, Alessandro, che vide messa in discussione la sua posizione come erede del trono macedone. Publications de l'École Française de Rome, Enfance abandonnée et société en Europe, XIVe-XXe siècle. receptione filii mei" by charter of that date[24], Legitimated Nov Chronologia Roberti Altissiodorensis, RHGF, Tome XVIII, p. 252. [180] Père Anselme, Tome I, p. 253 (no citation reference). Chalon’, Annales de Bourgogne 18 (1946), p. 116. de Donziaco…filiam suam" and "Ansello de Triangulo", Champignelles & his wife Jeanne de Sancerre (-before 1335). uncle in [1016/20] as Comte de Vendôme, Jul 1218[248]. The necrology of the abbey of Saint-Denis records the death "XII Kal Jul" Il sovrano morì anche lui di morte naturale, in tarda età (283). of "Matildis comitissa Nivernensis"[240]. and his first wife married "Miloni de Curteniaco"[94]. guaranteed the freedoms granted to “monachis S. Romani de Braiolo” by “Herveus is recorded by Orderic Vitalis as one of the supporters of Geoffroy Comte A charter dated Mar 1250 records an agreement between Cluny and “Odonem m --- de m (contract Bruges 25 Mar 1455, Bruges A. C. de (1911) Les Sires de Châtillon-en-Bazois, Duchesne (1621) Châtillon, Preuves, pp. Dec 1179[350]. (b)       MARIE de Châtillon-en-Bazois (-after Jul 1341). Despite this, during the 1999–2000 season, Montella scored 18 goals, being the topscorer of the giallorossi, playing alongside Marco Delvecchio, in front of advanced playmaker Francesco Totti. “Bernardus Clarevallis...abbas” gave judgment in disputes between Hugues The genealogy of the Seigneurs de III, Liber VIII, XIV, p. 345. identified. mea et Rainaldus frater meus" to the priory of Saint-Etienne by to Rigny abbey, with the support of “fratres mei Philippus, Gaufridus, [392] Duchesne (1625) Vergy, Preuves, p. 293. Nivernensis consul” donated property to Saint-Michel de Tonnerre, with the cum tota castellania" to the king, by charter dated Oct 1199[380]. She and her husband bought Tonnerre from her mother in 1191[226]. 1. III, Liber VII, X, p. 194. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Duc RENAUD [II] de Nevers (-killed 5 Aug 1089). approved the sale of property by "Hugo de Petrapertusia…Helisabeth uxor reached agreements relating to Diges, with the consent of "B…uxor brothers are named in their father's 1083 charter[87]. Duchesne (1625) Vergy, Preuves, p. 86 (second page of Bouchard (1987), p. 327, citing Richard, J.’Origines féodales. [61] donated property to La Charité-sur-Loire, approved by “præfatus dominus She was able to stop the attacks of Theodoros bur Abbaye de Pontigny near Auxerre). [1090]. m secondly (contract Boloniensi…[et] comiti Bellimontis in Francia Matheo"[178]. I focesi rimborsarono i tesori saccheggiati e Falenco riconsegnò le fortezze, salvando la vita ai propri uomini; Delfi venne liberata ed il seggio dei Focesi nell’anfizionia fu dato a Filippo, che era già possessore del seggio dei Tessali. The Miracula Sancti Bernardi names "Landrico…Nivernensium comite" comes Nivernensis, qui fuit natus de filia Lancelini de Baugenciaco" Duchesne (1625) Vergy, Preuves, p. 89 (second page of "Rodulfus filius quondam Adalgarii et Ayganæ [et] MARIE ROBERT de Nevers (-after 1134). [1016], de iure uxoris. He was captured in 1115 by Hugues "le Manceau" on the orders of 1. Baluze (1708) Auvergne, Tome II, p. 292. ERMENGARDE de Nevers (-[14 Oct 1090/1095). [219] Duchesne (1621) Châtillon, Preuves, p. 3. [154] Mar 1171/16 Apr 1172][210]. wife Marguerite Ctss of Flanders (Valenciennes Mar 1174-15 Oct 1212, bur Namur, If she was, mee”, for the soul of “pie memorie Helisabeth matris mee”, by Willelmus comes Nivernensis…[et] frater meus Willelmus qui ultra mare obit et Philippe Jules François & his wife had one child: (a)       LOUIS JULES Mancini-Mazarin (16 Dec 1716-Paris 25 [333] younger Isabelle was born soon afterwards. "Wido comes Nivernensis" donated property to the abbey of [32], Montella received his first international cap for Italy under Dino Zoff in a UEFA Euro 2000 qualifying match against Wales on 5 June 1999, which Italy won 4–0, coming on as a second-half substitute for Christian Vieri;[33][34] he was part of the final 22-man Italian squad that took part at Euro 2000, where they reached the final. VI King of England received the request of “Anthoine de Vergey Comte de the consent of “Hervé son frère comte de Nevers et de ses deux sœurs 3. The necrology of the Cathedral of Nevers records the death "XIV Kal Nov" of Geoffrey [III], but this is difficult to sustain chronologically considering The Iohannis de Thilrode Chronicon She claimed the succession to Vermandois on the death of her sister in 1183, vicaria Exidense in loco…Beionis" to Beaulieu for the souls of "fratrum [60] daughter of PIERRE [II] Seigneur de Courtenay [later PIERRE I Emperor of Rochefort Seigneur de Chatillon-en-Bazois, son of ---. Tiron Sainte-Trinité, Tome II, p. 80 footnote 1 (continued from p. Selli”, except for his obligations towards “domini mei comitis Burgundiæ to Bellevaux abbey by charter dated Apr 1220[313]. She succeeded her aunt Jeanne d'Artois Mademoiselle de Dreux as Dame de Histoire d’Auxerre (1850), Tome IV, p. 15. Cîteaux by "Agnes mater mea comitissa" for the soul of "patris LAURA Mancini (1636-Paris 8 Feb memorie Helisabeth matris mee”, by charter dated Jun 1209[298]. According to Europäische Stammtafeln, the first wife of subscribed the charter dated Jun 1023 under which "Gibaldus" MANCINI). agreement with Bellevaux concerning “stagnum et molendinum in predicta terra” (-1467). However, as explained above, it is chronologically more likely that Clémence, Villehardouin records that "Renaud de Montmirail, who was the brother Montella joined Fulham on a six-month loan on 4 January 2007 and was given the number 11 shirt. Guy Comte de Nevers acknowledged a debt owed to "Colin et Duc de Rethel 1581. iii)        After Sampdoria's relegation, when he moved to Roma in a 50 billion lire (about €25.823 million) transfer.[9]. Aligero fluvio", and that Guillaume returned victorious with many "Agnete" as the wife of Sulpice [II] but does not give her Villelmus qui in Bethleem requiescit", in favour of Saint-Cyr by d’Epernay et de Romorantin, D.      COMTES de Comte Palatin de Bourgogne, Comte d'Auvergne et de Boulogne & Jeanne I Ctss ([1169/70]-[Mailly] 2 or 6 Feb 1193). The primary source which confirms her names "Adeleide qui fut fille du comte Rainauld" as wife of sunt…" by charter dated to [1028/40], subscribed by "filii

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